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Jon Antilles

Jon Antilles was a legendary Jedi Master of the Old Republic trained in the ways of the Force by the Dark Woman herself. Somewhat of a loner, Master Antilles preferred to work alone and kept himself shrouded in mystery as well as dress. The Jedi weren't even sure Jon Antilles was his real name. Nonetheless, Master Antilles proved himself on more than one occasion. Before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Antilles single-handedly infiltrated the Bounty Hunters Guild and brought a number of murderers to justice. Believed dead many times, Jon Antilles had a knack for popping up in the most unlikely places, and always when least expected.

One of those places was on the planet of Queyta, a harsh planet covered in rivers of lava. Drawn to the planet by the Living Force, Antilles found himself joined by Jedi Masters Nico Diath, Knol Ven'nari, Fay, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The other Jedi had come to the planet when an investigation into a chemical weapon the Separatists were developing. Already tested on a colony of Gungans, the weapon proved to be potent enough to warrant the assignment of so many great Jedi Masters to discover its source and, hopefully, a solution.

Gathering on a bluff overlooking the manufacturing facility, which as it happened, floated on a floe of lava itself, Antilles faced hostility from Master Ven'nari when he tried to assume leadership of the mission over Master Diath. Antilles paid little attention to the Bothan Jedi Master's objections and jumped right into the infiltration of the complex with the other Jedi in tow. Finding the facility almost deserted, Antilles and the Jedi made their way to the synthesis lab only to find Separatist commanders Asajj Ventress and Durge. It was clear the Jedi would have to fight for the antidote.

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