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Jovan Drark

Jovan Drark was a Rodian Jedi Knight, part of Luke Skywalker's new Jedi Order, and was in service as a Jedi Knight when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. The Yuuzhan Vong were a fierce alien race with fanatical religious views, invading the galaxy on a mission of religious cleansing. With completely bio-technology, the Vong proved themselves more than capable in their quest of galactic domination. With the proven ability to destroy entire worlds, it was not long before they had infiltrated and conquered a significant portion of the galaxy. Initially, the Vong proved to be too much of a match for the New Republic defense forces, and it seemed as if it was up to the Jedi to lead in the fight against the invaders.

As the Vong and New Republic forces went at each other back and forth, the Vong secretly implanted agents in planets across the galaxy. In the beginning as well, the Jedi sent members out on spy missions to gather intelligence about Vong forces and activities, and on one such mission, Jovan Drark accompanied Jedi Knight Tenel Ka on a spy mission to Bilbringi to search for Yuuzhan Vong agents. Other Jedi Knights went on similar missions to planets such as Bothuwai, Nal Hutta, and Kashyyyk. Some time after the invasion however, as the Vong realized the Jedi proved to be a significant threat to them and their goals, they began targeting Jedi. Even worse, after Jedi Knight Jacen Solo bested Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah in a duel, Lah called for the heads of all Jedi, promising mercy to those worlds that turned Jedi over to the Vong.

This decree helped to fuel the activities of the Peace Brigade, a group formed in hopes of appeasing the Vong by assisting them in tasks they desired, including hunting down the Jedi. Also, as another devastating blow to the Jedi, the Vong soon bioengineered a creature capable of hunting the Jedi, and while the Vong themselves could not be felt through the Force, the voxyn could, and used the Force as a guide to hunt down the Jedi. Many Jedi fell to voxyn as the horrific creatures were let loose upon the galaxy, and soon the Jedi realized that a solution to deal with the monsters must be found.

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