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After a number of voxyn were captured, some dead and some alive, Jedi scientists Cilghal and her apprentice Tekli, were able to examine the creatures and determine that the voxyn were but mere clones from some queen mother. If the queen mother could be found and destroyed, the voxyn threat would be eliminated. A plan was soon formed, and it was decided that a strike team of Jedi Knights would allow themselves to be captured by the Vong, and once in Vong space, take over a Vong ship and pilot it to the cloning center for the creation of the voxyn, which was located in Myrkr space. Jovan Drark was chosen to be a part of the strike team, which was led by Jedi Knight Anakin Solo.

Under the guise of having Lando Calrissian turn the Jedi over to the Vong, the strike team was taken into custody and held within the ship. During the voyage into Vong space, the Jedi were tortured beyond belief, which caused serious damage to the group mind that was to hold them all together. Once in Vong territory, Jovan and the Jedi, with the help of newly designed YVH droids, took over the ship, and managed to pilot it to the Baanu Rass worldship, where the voxyn cloning facility was located. Making their way into the ship proved to be very difficult, and once inside, the journey to the facility was not easy as well. Under constant attack by voxyn set loose on them, an endless supply of Yuuzhan Vong warriors, as well as miscellaneous elements offered by the worldship, Jovan and the Jedi took heavy losses.

Jovan himself was severely injured by flitnats, that incessantly bit and wounded him. Additionally, during a battle with a group of warriors, Jovan Drark took a hit to the chest from a soldier, a hit which proved fatal. Chadra-Fan Jedi Knight Tekli, the team's medic, unfortunately did not have the resources to treat Jovan's wounds properly, and sadly he died aboard the Yuuzhan Vong ship, becoming one with the Force. Jovan Drark was a Jedi Knight. When he was called to uphold his vow to protect peace, justice, and the innocent of the galaxy, Drark took up his lightsaber and answered that call head on. A casualty of war, Jovan Drark did not die in vain. The Jedi did manage to eliminate the voxyn threat, and Drark was remembered a hero.

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