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Jude Rozess

Jude Rozess was a Jedi Knight during the time the Yinchorri joined the Republic and gained representation in the Galactic Senate. Unfortunately, the addition of the Yinchorri allowed them access to Republic trade, which only facilitated their war-like ways. However, the Yinchorri's ferocity was also put to use by Darth Sidious who hired the Yinchorri to wage a small war against the Jedi, only a small part of Sidious' plan to take over the galaxy. When the Jedi learned of the Yinchorri threat, they put the Jedi Temple on full alert.

Jude Rozess and fellow Jedi Knight Tieren Nie-Tan were put on guard duty at the perimeter of the Jedi Temple to be on the lookout for any kind of Yinchorri activity. Jude was soon confronted by a band of Yinchorri sent to infiltrate the Jedi Temple on an assassination mission. Jude and Tieren were overwhelmed simply by the sheer volume of Yinchorri that attacked the Temple. Unfortunately, Jude and Tieren were so weighed down by the Yinchorri's numbers that they did not manage to escape their wrath. However, before Jude became one with the Force, she managed to take the Yinchorri that would take her life with her.