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Keoulkeech was an Force-sensitive, Ewok shaman from the Forest Moon of Endor where he hailed from the Red Bush Grove just south of the Bright Tree Village. Through his Force-sensitivity, Keoulkeech discovered he had a talent for communicating with the natural world and found his niche as a healer among the Ewoks having mastered both medicines and animals. As a shaman, Keoulkeech often overshadowed his younger brother Leektar, who struggled to keep up with his legacy.

When the Empire came to Endor in order to construct the second Death Star, Keoulkeech joined the resistance movement when the Alliance came to destroy the superweapon. During the Battle of Endor, Keoulkeech served in Chief Chirpa's attack group that fought against an entire legion of the Emperor's best troops. However, Emperor Palpatine failed to foresee the threat the Ewoks presented to his plans.

The Empire was ultimately defeated with both the Death Star II being destroyed and the Emperor killed during the battle. However, after the battle, Keoulkeech was distraught over the damage that had been done to the Great Forests. Keeoulkeech decided to use his healing powers to heal the trees of the forests and spent the next few years wandering the Forest Moon and listening to the spirits of the forest as they guided him to those who needed healing.

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