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Kieran Halcyon - Page 2

During the time of Afarthu terrorism, Kieran obeyed the Council's wishes and was involved in investigating violent acts conducted against innocent Selonians. During one such investigation, Kieran realized he was dealing with an Afarathu lieutenant disguised as a simple merchant. When Kieran uncovered this, the Afarathu member fled and Kieran pursued. During the chase Kieran called for backup, but was unable to realize he was being led into a trap.

Ambushed and surrounded by Afarathu members, Kieran was able to center himself in the Force and hold his own against the terrorists until help arrived. With more Jedi Knights on his side, the Afarathu members were taken care of quickly and easily. A surviving member provided the Jedi with enough information to locate the Afarathu headquarters and once and for all defeat the organization. Indirectly, Kieran Halcyon was responsible for the destruction of one of the most dangerous terrorist groups Corellia had ever faced.

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