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Kin Laron

Kin Laron was a female, Human assassin operation throughout the galaxy after the fall of the Empire during the time of the New Republic. Laron vigorously protected her identity and accepted contracts through a proxy persona she developed named Shiaer Hifron. Due to the fact that Laron's methods of getting close to a mark centered on seduction, she took jobs on exclusively male targets.

The technique Laron developed proved to be consistently successful. Having adequately seduced her target, she would get herself invited onto his ship and obtained the destination, route, and travel time. Then, while sleeping, Laron would sneak throughout the ship planting a device to disable the ship's engines at a certain point in time during the trip. She would also leave a capsule of RX-8, a highly poisonous gas, aboard the ship to detonate at the same time the engines were disabled. Once set, Laron would jettison in her own ship and follow the same route as that of her target.

With the ship disabled and the target poisoned, Laron would simply then drop back into realspace to ensure the job was done. She used old spacetrooper armor to make her way into the airlock. Once aboard she would verify the target had expired, download useful information from the ship's computers, and claim any goods she deemed valuable. It is possible that Kin Laron's Force-sensitivity contributed to her success as an assassin, enhancing her powers as a seductress.

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