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Lilit Twoseas

Lilit Twoseas was a Human Jedi Knight during the waning years of the Old Republic. With golden blonde hair, a small stature, and a youthful appearance, it could be said that Lilit was one of the Order's most attractive Knights. Despite her appearance, Lilit was very well strong in the Force and earned every bit of her title as Jedi Knight. At the time of the Yinchorri threat, Lilit had taken as her Padawan learner the Whipid Jedi Knight K'Kruhk. When the Yinchorri threatened the safety of the Republic and its citizens, the Jedi answered that threat with a Jedi task force, of which Lilit and her Padawan was asked to join.

The task force was split up into three teams, and Lilit and K'Kruhk, along with Jedi Masters Micah Giiett and Plo Koon, were chosen to be part of the team that was to travel to the Yinchorri planet of Yibikkoror. Journeying to the Yinchorri system in three Republic cruisers, Lilit and the Jedi were attacked in space as soon as they emerged from lightspeed. Taking on their own squadrons of Yinchorri fighters, the Jedi split up as they made their way to their assigned destinations. It was obvious that Lilit and her team would not make it to Yibikkoror without somehow escaping or defeating the Yinchorri attacking them. In the heat of battle, Lilit's Padawan, K'Kruhk, remembered a lesson he had learned from Master Giiett a short time before departing on the mission, and using the benefits of misdirection, tricked the Yinchorri into believing the Jedi had abandoned ship.

As the fighters broke off their attack to follow the escape pods, Lilit and her team piloted their way to Yibikkoror, through its dense atmosphere, and to one of the planet's floating cities. However, Lilit and the Jedi jumped from the food processor into the plasma; when they emerged from their crashed ship they came under attack by more Yinchorri soldiers who pushed them to the edges of the floating city, and eventually were forced on top of the floating city's infrastructure. While fighting the Yinchorri, Lilit was caught between two massive Yinchorri and almost became one with the Force because of it. However, K'Kruhk was able to dispense of the soldiers, saving his Master's life.

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