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Ma'kis'shaalas was a Nikto Jedi Master of the Kajain'sa'Nikto race during the Old Republic. He was not raised from an infant in the Jedi Temple on Corsucant as was tradition, but rather joined the Order as a young adult. This was virtually unheard of at the time, but given Ma'kis'shaalas' unique background, the Jedi Council saw fit to make an exception. Born on Kintan, Ma'kis'shaalas was raised among the secret warrior society known as the Morgukai. Morgukai training and Jedi training paralleled each other in many respects with regards to focus and discipline. It was said that if a Morguaki ever learned to touch the Force, he would be all but unstoppable.

Ma'kis'shaalas demonstrated this sentiment to be true as he grew to become on of the best warriors of the sect. For ten years, Ma'kis'shaalas fought alongside his brothers, but his enhanced abilities caused him to question his place among the Morgukai. Feeling he was destined for something larger and turned over his cortosis-weave armor to the Morgukai, Tsyr. The only way to leave the order was to pass through the Burning Moon Range on Kintan, a seemingly suicidal endeavor. Somehow Ma'kis'shaalas survived and sought out the Jedi.

Accepted for training, Ma'kis'shaalas attained the status of Jedi Master and became one of the fiercest warriors of the Order. As a Jedi, he was devoted to the Jedi code but held in contempt the bureaucracy that prevented them from upholding it. Having grown up in the Outer Rim, Ma'kis'shaalas was intimately familiar the plague, slavery, and piracy that were the plight of those who called the Outer Rim home. The Republic was content to turn a blind eye towards these issues as they were far from the comforts of Coruscant, issues that as a Jedi Ma'kis'shaalas could not.

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