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Micah Giiett

Jedi Knight Micah Giiett was a dark-skinned Human with close-cropped black hair during the time of the Old Republic. Over the years as a member of the Jedi Order, Micah eventually gained Jedi Master status and even became a member of the Jedi Council alongside his long time friend, Plo Koon. Micah and Plo had become good friends on a number of missions and adventures where both Jedi learned they made a good team, complementing each other well. One such adventure that was not so well known to many outside of the Jedi Order was when Plo accompanied Micah to Ord Mantell to help him rescue an old friend by the name of Slabba Drewl, who had lost a bet to a Hutt and was imprisoned.

The Hutt, known as Corpo the Hutt was galaxy-wide famous for his enormous appetite for gambling and especially food. Corpo had even acquired a top-of-the-line kitchen droid, an MREM-02 that he had programmed with millions of recipes from worlds, cultures, and chefs from across the galaxy. Many of the recipes had come from chefs who felt themselves worthy enough to challenge Moreemohtwo to a cooking battle, but had lost. Knowing Corpo's lust for food and gambling, Micah planned to play the Hutt against his weaknesses in order that he save his friend. Corpo agreed that if Micah could prepare dishes more tasty than Moreemohtwo, he would release Slabba from his debt.

If Micah lost, he was to join Slabba in his imprisonment. Plo of course could not believe Micah had accepted such a challenge, for their was no way he could out prepare dishes better than Corpo's droid. However, with the Force on the Jedi's side, perhaps Micah had a chance. With the theme ingredient wild Denusian squirmers, the battle began. Plo took Micah's hint, and during the battle, as Corpo and his cronies were enthralled with watching Moreemohtwo's expertise in the kitchen, he sabotaged the iron chef's dishes with more unique ingredients such as droid oil, gundar droppings, and Bothan foot powder. When the battle was over, the two combatants presented their dishes: Micah presented a very simple concoction of squirmer stew, and Moreemohtwo presented five dishes of obvious elegance.

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