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Nason Laric

Nason Laric was a Human Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. He spent much of his youth on Coruscant in the Jedi Temple for his training. When he was old enough, Nason was selected by Jedi Master Niquon as his Padawan learner. For the next three years, Niquon and Nason Laric traveled the galaxy and Nason's instruction was continued. Much of their time was spent on Skalokor, the second moon of the planet Yabosta among the native, white-furred Dolandu who respected and welcomed the Jedi's presence. There, Niquon had carved a sanctuary high among the mountains of Skalokor where the two Jedi lived and much of Nason's training took place. High on stone bridges above wide, deep chasms Nason's master focused on lightsaber training while learning to avoid distractions such as flying rocks, falling water, or even being inverted.

One day, Nason and Master Niquon were visited by an older Dolandu, Borta, carrying a bundle with a hurried demeanor. With him he carried a malfunctioning droid he discovered while on a trapping expedition. Determined to be a poison-injecting assassin droid, Niquon feared more might follow. With some thought, Niquon decided that Nason would take the droid to the city of Port Kalla on Yabosta to meet a technician named Lowghen Badra, while he would journey down the mountain in case any assassin droids poisoned any of the Dolandu in which case they would need his help. Entrusting Nason with his lightsaber, Niquon let Nason take the pairs cloudjumper and prepared for his first true solo mission.

During the short trip down to the planet, the droid shorted out its primary restraining bolt and Nason was forced to battle the little monster while en route, successfully subduing it with a fresh bolt without too much trouble. Once in Port Kalla, Nason found himself surrounded by rain and a disturbing sense that he was being followed. Acknowledging his feelings, Nason glanced around him and was surprised to find a young girl watching him. When the girl was noticed, she ducked into a cantina, during which Nason caught a brief glimpse of a lightsaber between the folds of her clothes. Curious, Nason rushed into the cantina but lost the girl among the crowd. Cautious but wanting to get back to the mission at hand, Nason found his was to Badra's shop.

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