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Nerra Ziveri

Nerra Ziveri was a Twi'lek Jedi Master during the Old Republic. Nerra was a strong proponent for the establishment of the Almas Jedi Academy. After the Academy was built, Nerra eventually became its headmaster for a time. As headmaster, Nerra trained the Jedi Knight, Lanius Qel-Bertuk, to eventually take his place as headmaster, but while he still held the position, he and Lanius were responsible for designing the curriculum of the Jedi Academy. Since it was so far from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a unique environment, Nerra and Lanius felt the curriculum needed to be unique to that of the Jedi Temple as well.

The two eventually came up with the idea of 'Jedi Quests.' Each student at some point in their training would be assigned a quest to retrieve an item for their master or teacher from Almas, or even one of the galaxy's most popular planets. However, Nerra's job as headmaster at the Academy was not the sole reason he remained on Almas. Almas had a long history with the Force and the Dark Side, a Sith fortress was even built centuries before on the far side of the planet. When Nerra wasn't taking care of business at the Academy, Nerra was meditating, probing the Dark Side that permeated Almas. Eventually, Nerra's meditations revealed to him what he must do.

Without even an explanation, Nerra gathered his belongings and told his former student, Lanius, it was time for him to take his position as the headmaster of the Academy. With those last words, Nerra disappeared from Almas, the galaxy, and even the senses of the Jedi forever.