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Newar Forrth

Newar Forrth was a Twi'lek of the Nercathi clan and a Jedi warrior of the Old Republic. Known as New'arforrth among his Twi'lek brethren, Newar Forrth was among the Jedi who answered the call to meet the threat of Sith Lord Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness. On Ruusan, Newar led the Third Legion of Light, one of the legions of Army of Light commanded by Jedi Master Hoth. During one of the seven climatic battles on Ruusan, Newar Forrth gave his life to ensure victory for his forces. Unfortunately, his sacrifice would prove to be for naught as Sith Lord Kaan unleashed a weapon that brought an end to the war.

Forrth was spared the devastation experienced by those who died when Lord Kaan made his final attack against the Jedi with his Dark Side thought-bomb killing enemies and allies alike and trapping their spirits in what would come to be known as the Valley of the Jedi. When the survivors of the Battle of Ruusan transformed the Valley of the Jedi from a graveyard to a memorial, many statues were constructed to honor those fallen in battle, and Jedi Forrth was not forgotten. New'arforrth lived and died a Jedi Knight whose song served to inspire you Twi'leks for generations to come.