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Noirah Na - Page 2

Master Hudorra informed Na that the galaxy had turned on the Jedi and the most important thing they could focus on now was survival. Narrowly escaping Toola, they made their way to Coruscant in hopes of finding other Jedi at the Temple. What they found was less than encouraging - surrounded by clonetroopers, Na and Hudorra watched in secret horror from the mass gathered at the Temple steps and the ancient building went up in flames. As they stood there, a fiery young Jedi called for them to act and take back their Temple.

Sadly Na, Hudorra, and other Jedi in the crowd could not bring themselves to openly confront the overwhelming clonetrooper forces. Without the help of his brethren, the Jedi charged the Temple and was cut down in a hail of blasterfire. This incident highlighted Master Hudorra's point on survival, and as the crowd dispersed he informed her that their time together must come to an end. With the Jedi now hunted across the galaxy, he told her she must forget her past if she was to survive - forget the Jedi and forget the Force. He told her to make a new life for herself and hide. Dumping their lightsabers into a garbage chute the pair went their separate ways disappearing into the crowds of Coruscant.

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