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Nomi Sunrider

Nomi Sunrider was a Jedi Knight during the time of the Sith War. However, Nomi's history as a Jedi was a traditionally unorhtodox one. Back in her youth, Nomi married a young Jedi in training Andur Sunrider, and together they had a daughter, Vima Sunrider. As Andur trained as a Jedi, Nomi took to the business of raising their child. Andur would often leave as the duties of a Jedi called him, leaving Nomi alone. During these periods, Nomi felt great lonliness, and fear that Andur may not return, and she feared a future without him.

But he always returned. Despite the fact that Andur constantly told Nomi she was strong in the Force and had the ability to become a Jedi, Nomi always responded that she was too timid to undertake the training. When Nomi's daughter was still just a baby, it was time for Andur to move on to another Jedi Master who could teach him in the higher levels of the Jedi Way. So, Nomi and her family packed up all their belongings to move to the remote planet of Ambria, located in the Stenness System; there Andur would train under Jedi Master Thon.

On their way to the Stenness System, Nomi and her family stopped off at a hyperspace beacon before continuing on to Ambria. At the jump station, Andur was marked by henchmen of a crime boss called Bogga the Hutt. The henchmen menacingly approached Nomi and Andur, and initiated a confrontation. As Andur moved in front of Nomi and Vima to protect them, one of the thugs let loose a poisonous gorm worm to attack Andur. The gorm worm's bite proved fatal and Andur died in Nomi's arms, becoming one with the Force. As his last physical act, and duty as a Jedi, Andur's spirit appeared to Nomi and told her to take up her lightsaber to defend their family.

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