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Jedi Master Norcuna was a blue-skinned Twi'lek who served the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. When the stormy planet of Jabiim became a battleground for the Separatist and Republic forces, the native Jabiimi were caught in the middle. Divided amongst themselves, half the Jabiimi sided with the Republic, while the other half sided with the Separatists. The Separatist loyalists were led by a rugged man known as Alto Stratus. Filled with nothing but hate and animosity towards the Republic, Stratus' knowledge of Jabiim led to the Republic's eventual defeat and retreat from the planet.

Before that however, Jedi Master Norcuna was one of the generals to lead Republic forces against Stratus and the Separatists. Unfortunately, around one month into the Battle of Jabiim, Norcuna found his forces destroyed near the city of Choal and himself barely alive. Crawling through the mud, Norcuna was the sole survivor his unit. With Norcuna so badly wounded, Alto Stratus had no hesitations about confronting the Jedi directly. With hate in his eyes, Stratus brutally beheaded Norcuna, sending the Jedi Master to become one with the Force.