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Omow Moder

Omow Moder was an Ithorian Force-adept of the Old Republic. A student at Nozho University on Clak'dor VII, Omow studied ecology at one of the best schools in the galaxy for biological and ecological technology. Nozho University was notorious for extremely difficult entrance requirements and its incredibly high drop-out rates, sometimes as high as ninety percent. The Bith, a highly technological species, kept up an unofficial requirement that students need to change their thought process to think like a Bith, and many students found the task of acquiring such a large amount of technological information overwhelming.

Omow Moder was no different. As an Ithorian, he had an innate sensitivity to ecological matters and often found himself at odds with the Bith's attempt to merge technology and ecology. However, Omow recognized that the Bith had promising theories when it came to altering ecology with technology and did his best to accommodate working and studying within a framework with which he was unfamiliar.