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Oss Wilum

Oss Wilum was a Vultan from the planet Vulta. In his early years, he made his living as a trader with little concern for the events happening throughout the galaxy. Always on the move, Oss made his starship his home, and the excitement offered by some sectors throughout the galaxy always prevented him from settling down. During a cargo run from Arkania to Alderaan, Oss ship suffered damage, which forced him to drop out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere. After making temporary repairs, Oss and his ship limped slowly towards the closest hyperspace beacon. On his way, Oss discovered a stranded Republic courier vessel.

Oss' scans revealed signs of life on the ship, but he got no response when he signaled it. Fearing to leave the stranded ship to the mercy of space pirates, he used his ship's tractor beam to slowly tow the vessel along behind him as he continued on towards the hyperspace beacon. After sending out a distress call from the beacon, the Republic prowler ship Starspin came to the stranded ship's rescue, but told Oss to leave the area. Oss continued on his journey to Alderaan, but soon learned that the ship he helped save was from a missing Fleet expedition and was saved just hours before all its systems shut down resulting in a loss of all its information.

Realizing that his actions had a significant impact on the events of the galaxy, Oss reexamined his outlook on life. Through introspection Oss realized that he had been neglecting his duties as a citizen of the galaxy, wasting his life away on excitement, pleasure, and success. Oss realized that his life should serve some kind of purpose, and that purpose was to seek ways to better the galaxy in which he, and countless others lived. Having an aptitude for the Force, Oss decided to become a Jedi Knight.

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