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Pax Chizzik

Pax Chizzik was a young, male Jedi Knight that attended the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. Pax was popular among the other students due to his good nature and his high spirits. He was a natural leader among his classmates. As a Jedi, Pax was strong in the Force and was a formidable opponent when it came to swordsmanship. He possessed a natural creativity when it came to his attacks and his quick wrists made him one of the better fighters of his class.

During the Temple's regular Jedi Apprentice Tournament, Pax Chizzik faced off against Tallisbeth Enwandung-Esterhazy in the first round. Tallisbeth, nicknamed Scout, went into the competition as the Jedi most expected to lose. She was not as gifted in the Force as her classmates, and many expected to defeat her easily, including Pax Chizzik. However, Scout was aware of her limitations and relied on her wits to outsmart her opponents. The first round was a one-on-one lightsaber duel where the first one to score three burns with the lightsaber or force the other to submit would be declared the winner.

When the match began, Pax dominated Scout with his lightsaber, pressing the attack ferociously. Scout knew she would not be able to defeat Pax in a straight-up lightsaber duel, so she feigned submission in an attempt to throw Pax off-guard. Unfortunately for Pax, he forgot the rules of the match, and Scout used the opportunity to use her superior grappling skills against the boy and managed to subdue him with a wrist lock forcing him to tap out. However, Pax took the defeat in stride and stuck up for Scout when Hanna Ding argued for her disquallification for stretching the rules.