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Jedi Master Ph'ton was a Bith Jedi Master of the Old Republic and during the times of the Clone Wars. When the war engulfed the galaxy, Ph'ton was one of the many Jedi Masters who answered the call of duty and took his place at the newly created Republic clone armies. One such mission found him leading a group of Jedi and clonetroopers on a transport mission to Alderaan. The Trade Federation posed a threat to the success of the mission and Jedi were required to protect the fleet should the Federation attack it upon exiting hyperspace.

Still early in the war, the Jedi forces had yet to lose the kinds of numbers they would see as the Clone Wars came to an end. However, the growing darkness continued to grow stronger as the Jedi Order seemed to be deconstructing from within as well as without - Jedi Knights were being changed by the war, the new roles they were forced to take on, and some seemed to be straying from the tenets of the Order.

Little did Ph'ton know that one such Jedi was aboard the transports headed to Alderaan. Young Flynn Kybo lost his Master to the Separatist leader, General Grievous, and became obsessed with hunting him down and eliminating him as a threat. When the Jedi Council vetoed Kybo's plan, the young Jedi was quick to find others who shared his sentiment. En route to Alderaan, Kybo deserted Ph'ton's team to continue on his mission and contribute to the darkness creeping across the galaxy.