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Polvin Kut

Plovin Kut was a Jedi Knight some two hundred years before Jedi Master Yaddle was added to the Jedi Council. At that time Yaddle was the apprentice of Kut and the two conducted a mission to liberate the colonies of Koba from the Advozse warlord, Tulak. This was not the first time the Polvin had encountered Tulak. Decades before, Tulak had murdered Kut's family and Polvin had pursued him subsequently to bring him to justice. To aid them in their mission, Plovin enlisted the help of a small resistance movement, but was betrayed before he and Yaddle even reached Koba's outer moon.

Traveling to the planet anyway, Kut and Yaddle were met with an ambush. Although the two Jedi battled bravely through the army of Advozse warriors, their numbers were just too great. Additionally, Polvin Kut, having his family's murderer within his grasp clouded his mind and judgment with revenge. On that day, Polvin Kut, on the planet of Koba in a typical Koban gorge, was decapitated and became one with the Force. Polvin's student proved luckier though, as she eventually escaped Koba to become a renowned Jedi Master and eventually served on the Council.