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Qrrl Toq

Qrrl Toq was a member of the equine species called the Nazzar. Originally as a youth, Qrrl was prince, heir to the throne of the kingship of his home planet Nazzri, which had long been dominated by political corruption. Qrrl devoted the early part of his life to the study of the fourteen vens of the Great Structure, the beliefs of his home planet's religion, the Ulizra. Holding many of his subjects in contempt, Qrrl believed that the population had forgotten the initial ideas of their religion, and believed it his destiny to restore the original philosophy of his religion that would bring about a state of peace to his homeworld.

During one study session, Qrrl discovered an ancient text written by one of his ancestors. The book explained that it was Qrrl's own ancestors who had used black magic to corrupt the government and destroy the monarchy. Realizing that he was on the path to follow in his ancestors' footsteps, Qrrl believed he needed to take a self-imposed exile, or boqeri, to do some introspection and self-discovery. With that decision, Qrrl left his homeworld for the first time in his life, and set out into the galaxy. Three years into his journey, Qrrl encountered several Jedi Knights on the planet of Ulda Frav who were mediating a treaty.

The Jedi were surprised when they learned that Qrrl had never heard of their Order. Explaining the Qrrl that he had great potential in the Force, they convinced him to follow them to Ossus to learn about the Jedi Knights. Along the way, the Knights gave Qrrl an elementary description of the Jedi Order, and how they dedicated their lives to defending peace and justice in the galaxy. Qrrl found himself drawn to the Order and to the Force the Jedi spoke of, and with that, he decided to dedicate his life to the Jedi way. Once arriving on Ossus, Qrrl was apprenticed to Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, and he progressed faster than Vodo or anyone else expected. During his studies, Qrrl also designed and developed a new type of Jedi armor that he often wore on his missions as a Jedi.

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