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Rajan was a Human Jedi Knight in Lord Hoth's Army of Light who fought against the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness on the planet of Ruusan a millennium before Emperor Palatine took control of the galaxy. With a balding head but a dark, bushy mustache, Rajan presented an imposing figure sure to intimidate any foe. During the battle on Ruusan, Rajan was part of Jedi Knight Kiel Charny's contingent of knights. Operating half a planet away from Lord Hoth's base of operations, Rajan and General Charny's company engaged the Sith in many battles on Ruusan, one of which didn't feel quite right.

After the battle had been one by the Jedi, Rajan realized that those making up the Sith Brotherhood's company were nothing but Sith minions, that not one Sith Lord had made an appearance in the battle. This fact concerned Rajan and Charny, leaving them wondering what the Sith Lords where the Sith Lords were, and what they were up to. Rajan and the Jedi soon got their answer as a Force-storm, conjured by the combined will of the Sith Lords ravaged the forest destroying everything in its way, sending fire and debris across the planet. Soon the Force-storm reached Rajan and company.

The destruction and debris sent Rajan and the Jedi flying, across the battlefield. But, as soon as it was started, the Force-storm stopped, for the Sith Lords preferred to only injure the Jedi and finish them off themselves at close range. Unfortunately for Rajan, the storm saw him trapped under an uprooted tree. General Charny and the young recruit, Tomcat, freed him from his stuck position. Unfortunately, Rajan could not feel anything below his waist, and was unable to rise and move to safety. As the Sith Lords appeared in the sky riding their skiffs in an attack pattern, the Jedi sought for cover, but found none. As the Sith raked the ground with blaster fire, Rajan was one of the unfortunates who was hit and became another casualty of war. In his defense of the galaxy, and taking the ultimate sacrifice in the name of the Jedi Knights, Rajan became one with the Force.

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