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Reda Jalooz

Reda Jalooz was an ancient student of the Force before the time of the Sith Wars or the revenge of the Sith upon the Jedi. During her quest through the galaxy, Reda became aware of an artifact that was rumored to posses a dark power. The artifact was created by the Kashi Mer monarchy on the planet of Kashi where the artifact resided.

Curious of this rumored dark power, Reda Jalooz journeyed to Kashi in order to steal the relic. A dark gray stone in the shape of a prism, Reda took the relic from Kashi and began her investigations to determine if the rumors were true. Reda did discover the artifact tainted with a dark power and no longer able to live with the guilt she possessed for stealing it, Reda returned to Kashi. There, she presented to artifact and beseeched the Kashi Mer people for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, shortly after Reda Jalooz arrived on Kashi, the system's sun went supernova destroying Kashi, its inhabitants, and Reda Jalooz. However, the relic did survive the supernova and was lost from knowledge for millennia. Thousands of years later, the relic was unearthed during an archeological dig, along with the rumors of its dark power. The rumors garnered interest from a number of different factions including the Imperial Remnant, the New Republic, various crimelords, and even the Dark Jedi Durrei.