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Renxis Dielle

Renxis Dielle was a Jedi Knight, serving the Order during the tumultuous time when planets began seceding from the Republic and a growing Separatist faction made the galaxy a dangerous and uncertain time. As planet after planet, sector after sector were consumed by conflict and war, the Jedi Knights did their best to help maintain peace in the galaxy. Everywhere it seemed as if problems arose from issues either dealing with Republic policy, Separatist propaganda, or even both.

One such planet was the planet of Kabal, located off of the Sharlissian Trade Corridor. Traditionally, food shipments reached Kabal from the Trade Federation via the Corridor, but the increasing taxation of trade routes by the Republic made the shipments cost prohibitive to the Federation, which subsequently ceased food shipments to Kabal. The food supply on the planet quickly ran out without any shipments coming in, and hunger soon set in for the Kabalian people.

As the months passed, the lack of food caused increased protests and eventually riots on the planet, most located in the city of Shoribus. To answer this turn of events, the Jedi sent a task force made up of four Jedi Knights, which consisted of Renxis, Plessus Ghon, Ixian Rovieda, and Nygreena Clo. Sent to the planet Kabal, Renxis and the Knights hoped to put a stop to the violence and hopefully find a solution to the problems facing Kabal's citizens.

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