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Rhad Tarn

Rhad Tarn was an intense young Jedi Order just before the Jedi Purge. When the Clone Wars broke out and the Jedi Knights were called to be generals in the newly created Grand Army of the Republic, many Jedi of the Order refused to take up such positions. These dissident Jedi did not agree with these new roles the Jedi were forced to adopt. They believed that Jedi were servants of the Force, not to any government, despite the Order's relationship to the Republic. Rhad Tarn was one of these dissident Jedi and soon came to be a spokesperson and one of the leaders of these dissident Jedi Knights.

Three months after the Battle of Geonosis, Rhad Tarn, along with other leaders Jeisel, Mira, and the Whipid Jedi, K'Kruuk, were contacted by another Jedi who wished to unite these objectors. This person turned out to be the Weequay Jedi Master, Sora Bulq, incidentally Rhad Tarn's former master. Master Bulq invited Rhad Tarn and the other leaders to his family's old estate on a moon circling the Weequay homeworld of Sriluur, known as Ruun. Master Bulq also invited a member of the Jedi Council to attend, but only one Master was allowed to attend to speak on behalf of the Order.

Jedi Masters Mace Windu, Yoda, and Tholme feared that once united, these dissident Jedi would be a large enough body to create a schism within the Jedi Order. Agreeing that negotiation seemed like the best course of action at that time, it was agreed that Mace Windu would be the one to go to represent the Jedi Council. Most of the dissident Jedi's objections still remained at the moral level, and Master Windu hoped their minds were not closed to open discussion.

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