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Rii'ke En

Rii'ke En was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic who served in the Clone Wars. With a square jaw, close-cropped, black hair, and black-rimmed eyes, Rii'ke En appeared as an intimidating Jedi. During the war, Rii'ke En followed the trail of one of the many Separatist endeavors into the chemical warfare arena. The chemical weapon Jedi En followed was known as Hexalophine-1138, a powerful defoliant that was designed to poison the ground on a planetary scale.

The Republic intercepted the Trade Federation Transport ship carrying the chemical over the backwater planet of Honoghr. The capitals ships fought in orbit over the planet and later in the planet's atmosphere. Somewhat of a stalemate, the Republic succeeded in landing a crippling blow to the Trade Federation ship and it crashed on Honoghr's surface, spilling the defoliant and contaminating the ground. Having at least contained the threat to one planet, the Republic forces limped back into orbit, but not before crews on both sides abandoned ship.

Honoghr was home to a ferocious species known as the Noghri. Fierce and born for fighting, the Noghri, who were not a space-faring species and took no interest in the war, made short work of Republic and Separatist forces alike. As the crash site cooled, the Noghri moved in to strip anything of value from the wreckage. Jedi Rii'ke En went planetside to find proof of the Separatist's actions. En was specifically looking for the Scientific Instrument Package for the Hexalophine-1138, which would provide him and his superiors all the proof they needed, as well as important information on the chemical structure of the weapon.

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