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Roblio Darte

Roblio Darté was massive and gruff Human Jedi Knight of the Old Republic and general in the Clone Wars. With a full beard and long hair which he kept in braids, Roblio Darté would be an intimidating figure even if he was not a Jedi Knight. When war broke out, Master Darté assumed leadership of a contingent of clonetroopers and led them into battle against Separatist forces.

One of the worst battles Roblio Darté fought was on the planet of Parcelus Minor, a planet overflowing with life, the Republic forces were unable to land their heavy equipment planetside because of the lush jungles and swamps. Roblio Darté and his forces were forced to engage the enemy hand to hand. Not only were the Republic forces denied their heavy artillery, but the Separatist forces were ten times larger than Republic intelligence had predicted. When Separatist reinforcements arrived, the Republic's orbital forces faced the same fate as well.

As if all this were not enough, the plant life on Parcelus Minor secreted a resin known as tzeotine - a highly flammable substance the natives of Parcelus Minor used to power their combustion engines, light their lamps, and more. When the Separatist commander in orbit decided that his troops on the ground were expendable, an orbital bombardment decimated both Republic and Separatist forces. The combustible tzeotine engulfed the forces in an inferno in mere moments. Escaping with his life but not unharmed, Roblio Darté managed to make it to the rendezvous point for extraction. During the battle, the Jedi general lost ninety percent of his forces and his left eye. At the time Roblio made his report to the Jedi Council, the planet was still burning - a message to other planets considering siding with the Republic in the war.

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