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Ronhar Kim

The story ofJedi Master Ronhar Kim is a sad an ironic tale with a web of deception spanning a thirty year history. Hindsight would show that Ronhar Kim was simply a pawn in Darth Sidious' plan to take over the galaxy. As a Jedi, Ronhar Kim formed a deep friendship with a young Senator, and eventual Chancellor, Palpatine. The pairs friendship spanned more than three decades and the two often discussed political matters together with Master Kim even seemingly saving the Palpatine's life on one occasion. Seemingly because the incident was simply one of Palpatine maneuvers to inch closer to his goal of domination.

As a young Jedi, Ronhar Kim was the son of the then Senator of Naboo, Vidar Kim. One of the few Jedi to be aware of his parentage, Ronhar Kim was even aware that he had siblings as well. When an accident claimed the life of Ronhar Kim's mother and siblings, his father feared for his family's bloodline, afraid it would die out. After the accident, Vidar Kim requested Ronhar's presence on Naboo to discuss his fear with his last remaining son. And while Ronhar sympathized, he felt that his family was the Jedi Order, and simply viewed his father as his progenitor, not as a paternal figure.

As the two discussed the issue in an air-ride through the city, their car was attacked by assassins and Vidar was killed in the ensuing crash. Ronhar survived as did one of the assassins. Ronhar questioned him as to who was the target, himself, or his father. But before Ronhar could make him speak, the assassin killed himself by injecting a lethal agent into his bloodstream, killing him almost immediately. At the funeral for his father, Ronhar met the man who would take his place as Senator, an up and coming politician known as Palpatine.

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