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Roron Corobb

Roron Corobb was an Ithorian Jedi Master of the Old Republic belonging to the peaceful Ithorian species. During their evolution, Ithorians developed a special connection to nature revering it in all its forms. Due to this relationship, Force-sensitive Ithorians were not uncommon. Many of these served the Jedi Order throughout the millennia and Roron Corobb was one of many to bring pride to the Ithorian race as a Jedi. As a youth, Roron was apprenticed to the legendary Quermian Jedi Master and Council member, Yarael Poof. As Corobb's master, Master Poof concentrated many of his teachings on developing Corobb's mental skills.

As an Ithorian, Corobb possessed multiple larynxes and mouths giving him an exceptionally deep voice. Coupled with the power of the Force, Corobb became adept at commanding an audience and persuading others. During his training, Corobb discovered a particularly unique skill made available due to his distinct physiology. Combining a deep-throated shout with a burst of telekinesis enhanced by the Force, Roron Corobb could emit a devastating shockwave of sonic energy capable of crumbling structures in its path and physically repelling enemies. Corobb would use this technique years laters during the Clone Wars during the Battle of Coruscant.

As a Jedi Master, Corobb acquired his last Padawan shortly after the outbreak of the Clone Wars. The Jedi were called to supplement the newly commissioned Grand Army of the Republic. The high casualty rates of the Jedi Knights necessitated that Padawans be elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight at continually younger ages. Not long after the Clone Wars began, Master Corobb accepted an eleven-year-old Drake Lo'gaan as his apprentice after the young boy finished well in the Jedi Temple Apprentice Tournament. Despite his young age, Corobb took his Padawan took his Padawan on even the most dangerous missions the Clone Wars demanded.

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