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S'diawae was a Jedi Master during the time of the Old Republic. During the time S'diawae served the Jedi Order, this Jedi Master honored the Jedi with many deeds that served the benefit of all people of the Republic. These deeds were great enough to be considered heroic, casting S'diawae as a hero, and having those deeds long remembered. In the waning days of the Old Republic,

S'diawae was honored by the Biscuit Baron, a chain of quick service food restaurants. In a campaign titled 'Heroes of the Republic,' the company planned to include commemorative holocubes in their QuickSnack and QuickSnackLite biscuit bundles and breakfast batches. The company said the goal of the campaign was to educate those individuals of the history and heroes of the Republic that preserved peace throughout the galaxy for the previous thousand years. Jedi Master S'diawae was one Jedi Master who certainly fit that particular description.