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Saadoon-Kauldi was a Force-senstive Kadri'Ra from the planet of Arapia. The Kadri'Ra were a long-lived species with life spans extending into the centuries. They were also physically immense beings whose girth could grow to exceed seventy-five meters. Saadoon-Kauldi came to be one of the most prominent crime lord's in the galaxy.

Saadoon's philosophy and way of conducting business grew out of his experiences during his younger days and has garnered him respect among the Hutt criminal empire as well as legitimate law enforcement agencies. As a youth, Saadoon was held as a slave by the Badawzi family who ultimately freed him. Appreciative of the respect and eventual liberation the Badawzi's bestowed upon him, Saadoon pledged himself to the family in order to repay his gratitude.

This act by the Badawzi's are what framed Saadoon's attitudes towards slavery when would head his criminal Empire. Detesting it in all its forms, Saadoon made an explicit effort free as many slaves as he could, which garnered him his only real enemies, the Slavers Guild. However, Saadoon acquired so many more allies in the slaves that he freed, many pledging their firm loyalty to him. This was, in part, how Saadoon grew his empire.

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