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Sarrissa Jeng

Sarrissa Jeng was a Human Jedi Knight of the Old Republic that served the Jedi Order in the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Before the start of the Clone Wars, the Separatist crisis tore the galaxy in two as system after system seceded from the Republic to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems under the leadership of Count Dooku. The Jedi struggled to hold the fractured galaxy together as old rivalries were reignited, planets torn apart, and violent groups used the opportunity to push their agendas.

One such group was the Roshu Sune, a militant wing of the Gotal Assembly for Separation. During the height of the Separatist crisis, guerillas of the Roshu Sune hijacked a commuter transport on Atzerri, which was carrying Nathanjo Nirrelz, the Gotal emissary, and twenty-five other passengers. The guerillas sought the Gotal government to sign articles of secession which would make Antar 4's secession from the Republic official. Lacking an effective government and a security force capable of responding to the hijackers, the Jedi felt it necessary to intervene.

The Republic could not afford more worlds seceding from the Republic, so the Jedi Council sent a Jedi task force led by Sarrissa Jeng to negotiate with the hijackers. Accompanied by Jedi Knights Kerrshnek, Kaloor Cofi, Antyard-Wo Shissan, and two others. The standoff lasted a week, and despite Sarrissa's best efforts to negotiate with the hijackers, blaster fire from the surrounding swamps caused the hijackers to panic and open fire on the hostages. Sarrissa Jeng and the Jedi were forced to abandon the negotiations and storm the transport. During the ensuing fight, twelve hostages, all five guerillas, and two Jedi were killed. The two Jedi that perished on Atzerri were Kaloor Kofi and Antyard-Wo Shissan. Following the incident, Sarrissa Jeng, Kerrshnek, and the two other surviving Jedi took the bodies of the fallen Knights to the Jedi chapter house on Aleen for final respects.

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