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Sebban Keto

Sebban Keto is a native to the planet Koros, which was renamed Empress Teta before Sebban's time. A descendent of Satal Keto and his sister Alema Keto, Sebban's heritage was a legacy of evil. Satal and Alemma were the brother and sister pair who founded the organization known as the Krath millennia before Sebban was born. A cult of Dark Side magic, The Krath waged war against the Jedi.

Although the Krath were defeated, there were those who would keep its legacy alive in the form of secret societies and underground cults. Sebban Keto was one of those cultists. A handsome and alluring man, with dark hair, Sebban Keto was a noble business man by day. The owner of a number of restaurants and shops in the Core District of Cinnagar on Empress Teta, few who had daily interactions with Sebban would suspect his after hours activities. With a mild talent in the Force himself, Sebban used this talent to augment the vices of greed and jealousy in his business dealings. Sebban even managed to corrupt other young nobles to join him in his fanatacism with The Krath and acts as the leader of a Krath cult on a remote planet in the Core.