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Seenlu Kir

Seenlu Kir was a female Human Jedi Knight and Consular during the time of the Old Republic. Seenlu was expressed long brown hair that fell to her waist as well as green eyes that looked at the galaxy with compassion and laughter. She preferred to wear pants, shirts, and vests instead of the typical Jedi robes, and she wore gloves that covered scarred hands that reminded her of a failure in her past.

Having trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Seenlu joined the Jedi Academy on Almas three years after she gained the rank of Jedi Knight. Although Seenlu trained students in all levels of mastery, she eventually left the advanced studies to the other instructors and took the responsibility of overseeing the dormitories of the younger students. Seenlu long to have a family, but with her duties at the Academy, she did not see that happening. She knew where she was needed and resolved to stay at the Academy as long as she was needed.