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Sharad Hett

Jedi Knight Sharad Hett was a famous Jedi during the Old Republic; known as the 'Howlrunner,' the 'Champion of Krmar,' the 'Defender of Kamparus,' the 'Hound of Worlds,' and the 'Nemesis of the Kimm,' Sharad was known to Jedi and non-Jedi alike. As a youth, Sharad came from a planet that sent many of its people to become Jedi Knights, bringing honor and pride to their families. Sharad's family beamed with pride when he was chosen to become a Jedi Knight. As a young man, Hett was selected to be the Padawan of the Zabrak Jedi Master, Eeth Koth, who was also a member of the Jedi Council.

Aside from their student-teacher relationship, Sharad and Eeth both became friends as well. Together they became famous throughout the galaxy through a series of adventures and campaigns. However, Sharad had always felt a closeness to his family and frequented visits to them during periods of inactivity. However, the duties of a Jedi Knight and the violent affairs of the galaxy soon made visits less and less frequent, and eventually not at all. Because of his master's nature, as well as their history of affairs, Sharad and Eeth were continually sent to the most dangerous, malignant corners of the galaxy to preserve peace and justice.

However, the longing Hett felt inside of him for want of his family. The feeling of emptiness plagued him until he eventually replaced with a sense of duty to the Jedi Knights and those in need. Thus, Hett's daring acts became the stuff that legends are made of, and Hett became renowned across the galaxy. However the deep feelings inside Hett always kept crawling back. Additionally, Hett was constantly met with accolades from his fellow Jedi Knights and their Padawans. However, Hett believed that such attention was opposite to the Jedi philosophy of selfless principles. Also, Hett found himself with much more power and influence in the Jedi Order due to such attention, and he felt that a thirst for such status would only lead to the Dark Side.

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