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Taj Junak

Taj Junak was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic during the time of the rise of Emperor Palpatine and his attempt to exterminate the Jedi Knights. A native to the Tapani sector and of the Pelagian bloodline, went into hiding in the Outer Rim Territories to escape the fury of the Emperor when he received the news of the genocide of the Tapani Jedi. In the Outer Rim, Junak adopted the name of Shellery Kint and assumed the role of a professor of history teaching at schools throughout the Outer Rim in hopes of establishing a new identity.

After about six years of teaching, Junak returned to his home sector of Tapani to teach at the Mrlsst Academy in the Freeworlds region. There, Junak became known as kind professor in his mid-fifties always willing to discuss subjects with his students out of class at local bars and establishments. When the Empire's grasp reached the Tapani sector, Junak began his own private war against them. Gleaning information from the Academy's president, Gyr Keela, with whom he played holochess with every week, Junak would use that information to sabotage Imperial research labs.

Dressing in all black commando gear, and always carrying his turquoise lightsaber with him, Junak would use his skills as a Jedi to infiltrate the labs and erase Imperial data and information. Eventually, the news of an infiltrator spread across the campus and Junak's stealthy character became known as the Ghost Jedi. However, Junak could not hide from the Empire forever. Emperor Palpatine's exterminators eventually caught up with Junak, now knowing who he really was.

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