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Ter-Idi was a Cerean and student at the Jedi academy on Coruscant. As a student, Ter-Idi approached the issue of the Light and Dark sides of the Force with little emotion, something that was concerning to the Masters of the academy. However, Ter-Idi was a good student, strong in the Force, and was eventually chosen as the Padawan of Jedi Master Kal- Don. Unfortunately, the Cerean Padawan suffered a debilitating injury while protecting Master Kal-Don from an assassin. While he recovered from the attack, the injury required him to walk with a limp and a cane the rest of his life.

As he made his way back to full health, Ter-Idi noticed that his injury severely diminished his strength and speed. Frustrated with his lack of adequate recuperation, the pull of the Dark Side began to tug at him. Ter-Idi began to see that with the Dark Side of the Force he could match, and possibly exceed, his previous speed and strength. In the end, his desire for power won out and Ter-Idi was fully seduced by the Dark Side. He left the Jedi Order never even taking the Trials. He faded into the underworld of Coruscant never to be seen by the Jedi again.After he left the Jedi Order, Ter-Idi learned to use his powers to hide himself from others who were strong in the Force, allowing him to keep his abilities secret. Additionally, he used his strength in the Force to become one of the most powerful and affluent information brokers in the Core.

One source of information Ter-Idi found invaluable was a resort known as The Rose Nebula. Owned by a Bothan named Rava Teb'lya, also in the information business, the resort was frequented by high-class politicians and businessmen. Within the resort the entire staff was trained in gleaning information from the patrons, the most valuable of which Teb'lya sold to Ter-Idi. Atypical of most Dark Jedi,, Ter-Idi possessed enough self-control to work from the shadows to build his power base, achieving what many Dark Jedi failed to obtain through open confrontation. Such methods attracted the attention of the Jedi who eventually put an end to these Dark Jedi's reign. Ter-Idi was content to operate on a much more subdued level, a strategy that proved to be successful in obtaining the power he desired.