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Thrynni Vae

Thrynni Vae was an attractive human and Jedi Knight, part of the new Jedi Order, started by Luke Skywalker. During its early years, Thrynni Vae studied under the female Chev Jedi Master Tresina Lobi. As master and apprentice, Thrynni Vae grew in the ways of the Force, and attained the rank of Jedi Knight by the time the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. When the Jedi began missions to thwart the Vong's quest for galactic domination, Thrynni Vae and her Master, Tresina, were sent to Duro on a reconnaissance mission.

There, Thrynni and Tresina investigated shipping concerns dealing with the refugees sent to Duro. On Duro, a program had been proposed to use refugees to help reclaim the environmental devastation that had ruined the planet and forced the Duros to live in orbital cities above the terrain. However, supply shipments which were meant for refugee cities were being redirected to the orbital Duro city of Urrdorf. Thrynni and Tresina began their investigation on the orbital city of Bburru, but during their search, Thrynni disappeared.

Unable to locate her, Thrynni's Master returned to meet with Luke Skywalker and tell him of her missing apprentice and what they had learned. Apparently, Thrynni and Tresina's search was coming too close to the conspiracy going on between the Duros High House, CorDuro Shipping, and the Peace Brigade. Hoping to stop the snooping around by the Jedi, Gamorrean thugs were sent after her. They separated her from Tresina, and then beat her until she became one with the Force. After Thrynni died, the Gamorreans murdered Thrynni, they dumped her body outside of an airlock. An unfitting end for a protector of peace and justice.