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Tyneir Renz

Tyneir Renz was a Human Jedi Knight of the Old Republic around the time of the Clone Wars. A native of the planet of Jiann, Tyneir was a Colonel in the Old Republic military and also served in the Clone Wars. However, the military was not the central focus of Tyneri's life. Tyneir was a husband and the father of two children as well, a son, and a daughter named Padija. Additionally, Tyneir was a student of archaeology and anthropology and greatly enjoyed studying ancient history.

However, when Emperor Palpatine took control of the galaxy, Tyneir was forced to leave his family behind eluding capture. Unfortunately, as a result, Jiann was overrun by the Empire and devastated, claiming his wife and son's life in the process. Luckily however, Tyneir was able to make it back to Jiann in time to save his daughter. Realizing that with his status as a Jedi Knight and Imperial agents looking for him, his daughter was not safe, and as a result, sent her to Alderaan to live with his wife's family.

There, Padija grew into a young woman and eventually attended a university on Alderaan, studying her father's passion: archaeology. In the years that followed, Tyneir eventually joined the Alliance, and only through the will of the Force, met up with his daughter as Rebel field operatives. Reunited, Tyneir and Padija journeyed the galaxy, seeking out relics that had been stolen by the Empire.

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