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Ull Murub

Ull Murub was a Sullustan Jedi Knight eager to carry out the duties of his Order. Tall for a Sullustan, Ull sported an ice-blue lightsaber. By the time he had gained knighthood, Ull considered his life up to that point fairly boring. He yearned for adventure and often fantasized about charging into battle or saving a princess or two. Failing to heed Jedi Master Yoda's classic admonition that “wars make not one great,” Ull Murub longed to use the Force for something more exciting than finding lost credit sticks.

Before the onslaught of the Clone Wars, Ull Murub was stationed on Sullust with his Master. On Sullust, a female Dark Jedi, hidden among the Human population took an interest in the Sullustan Jedi Knight. Recognizing his desire for peril, she hoped to capitalize on this and take Ull Murub down a dark path for her own dark purposes.