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Valenthyne Farfalla

Valenthyne Farfalla was a Jedi Knight during the time of the Old Republic when the Jedi were at war with Sith Lord Kaan and his Brotherhood of Darkness. Valenthyne was of a species that had a human head and torso, with legs resembling that of pack animals with hooves. Dressing in elaborate robes and armor, many took Valenthyne to be conceited and more concerned with his appearance, rather than the Force. While the war raged on between the Jedi and the Sith, Valenthyne returned to his homeworld as well as nearby planets to gather troops to fill the ranks of the Jedi.

Speeding to Ruusan to assist Jedi Master Hoth in his battle against the Sith, Valenthyne and his knights had to fight the traitorous Lahzar, as well as blast through the Sith blockade, around the Ruusan to get to Lord Hoth and the Jedi Army of Light. After Farfalla and his knights came out of such danger, they expected to be well received by the Jedi on Ruusan. While many praised the arrival of Valenthyne and his knights, Lord Hoth rebuffed him, saying he had come too late and could do no good.

Still wanting to due his duties as a Jedi Knight, but not in the face of such opposition, Farfalla left with his company to the far side of the planet to start his own front against the Sith forces. However, one of Farfalla's aides realized that the Jedi would work better as a team, and took it upon herself to send message to Lord Hoth of Farfalla's apologies and offer of any assistance Hoth might need. When Hoth received this message, his whole attitude about Farfalla changed. Seeing that he was not conceited and willing to apologize, Hoth extended his apologies as well, which the messenger carried back to Farfalla.

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