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Valenthyne Farfalla - Page 2

The bad blood between the two Jedi leaders was no more. Soon after, Valenthyne and his forces received word of movement of the Sith forces and he and his knights opened up a barrel of wine and drank to the upcoming battle. Soon the battle was upon them, the last battle of Ruusan, and Valenthyne led his knights against the dwindling army of the Sith. During the battle, Valenthyne confronted the Sith Lord Kopecz, on the brink of death. Wanting a promise of death from Farfalla, Kopecz warned Farfalla that Lord Kaan planned to use a thought bomb to wipe out the remaining Jedi, as well as Sith forces.

Rushing from battle to bring the news to Lord Hoth, Valenthyne found him at the mouth of Lord Kaan's cave, preparing to confront him. Valenthyne offered his help to Lord Hoth, but Hoth wanted to confront Kaan with just his presence, and a small band of Knights. Hoth did confront Kaan, but was unable to prevent him from setting off the thought bomb. Consuming Lord Kaan, Lord Hoth, the devastation soon came to claim Valenthyne. After him, the rest of the Jedi and Sith forces were consumed as well. Their spirits trapped, and the war over, the resting place of the Jedi came to be known as the Valley of the Jedi. There, their spirits were trapped for a thousand years, until they were finally released by the deeds of Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn.

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