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Vara Nreem

Vara Nreem was a Human, female Jedi Knight with light brown hair down to her shoulders. Believing that she could learn the secrets of the Sith and not succumb to the temptations studying such information, that she could succeed where many Jedi before here had failed, Vara set out for Krayiss Two. There, Vara sought out an ancient Sith tomb, one filled with an ancient, black obelisk. Recanting ancient Sith chants, Vara hoped to be shown the entranceway to an ancient Sith library believed to be located near the obelisk.

As Vara finished the ritual, the tomb around her began to rumble and shake, tossing Vara across the tomb. From the ground emerged the ancient Sith library, and before her stood twin double doors, the entrance to the Sith hall of knowledge. However, at the entrance way to the library, a Sith spirit stood in Vara's way. Attempting to fool the Sith spirits, Vara approached with the ruse that she intended to learn the Sith secrets because she wished to know everything about the Force. Vara told the spirit that she did not believe in the lines that were traditionally drawn when classifying the Force, all she believed in was the one Force.

However, the Sith spirit saw through Vara's scheme and mocked her ignorance of the power of the Dark Side. Showing the Vara the true power of the Dark Side, the Sith spirit showed Vara the spirits that had already been consumed, and Vara recognized the mangled spirit images as Jedi Masters, trapped in an attempt to do what Vara planned. Moving in to intercept yet another Jedi, Vara drew her lightsaber to protect herself from the spirit. However, the gesture was in vain as her lightsaber passed harmlessly through the spirit. Vara's last thought before she was consumed by the spirit was her wish that there was some way to warn future Jedi from attempting to do what she had failed at.