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Veni Ramunee

Veni Ramunee was a young Jedi who attended the Teyan Praxeum and studied to become a Jedi along with his sister Vici Ramunee. Born on the planet Alderaan, Veni was raised in an agricultural community and into the family business of l'lahsh distillery. As a youth, Veni and his seven brothers and sisters spent much time harvesting t'iil blossoms, the plant required for the l'lahsh distilling. Soon however, it was discovered that Veni and his older sister Vici had great Force-potential, and they both traveled to Teya IV to train at the Teyan Praxeum there, headed by Mistress Tannis, Jedi Master.

As the years passed, Veni's sister was nearing the end of her training, and faced only a few final tests. One day, when Vici was discussing her final test with Mistress Tannis, Veni was eavesdropping on the two and decided to help Vici with her test. Following Vici into the wilderness as she journeyed to the Cave of Truth, Veni eventually revealed himself and his intention to follow Vici to the Cave. Bringing with him was Vici's new lightsaber, which Mistress Tannis had told Vici to leave behind. Annoyed that Veni had followed her on her final test as a Jedi Knight, Veni eventually convinced Vici to let him follow her.

As evening set in, Veni and Vici made their way to the valley that preceded the Cave. At the foot of the valley, Veni and Vici were confronted by a large dragon-like creature, and at first glance Veni and Vici were more than a little alarmed. Vici even started to defend Veni and herself from the large dragon until they learned that the huge creature was none other than Jedi Master Willm Lwyin. Lwyin escorted Vici to the entrance to the cave and along the way peppered the two young Jedi with seemingly innocent questions, but questions that were meant to give Lwyin insight into the young Jedi.

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