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Vici Ramunee

Vici Ramunee was a young Jedi Knight during the Old Republic who trained at the Teyan Praxeum under Mistress Tannis. Vici grew up on the planet of Alderaan, the third oldest of seven other brothers and sisters. Vici's family lived in an agricultural community near the shores of Alderaan's Lir Lake. Vici grew up around the Ramunee family business of distilling l'lahsh, a blue-green liquor made from the t'iil blossom. Vici, as was the rest of her family, was given the task of harvesting the delicate t'iil blossoms. Vici was content with her life and wished that nothing would ever change. That wish was, for the most part, true until the day came it was discovered that Vici had strong Force-potential and left to study at the Teyan Praxeum with Mistress Tannis along with her brother, Veni Ramunee, was also discovered to be Force-sensitive.

For the next few years, Vici studied at the Praxeum, learning the traditions, roles, and way of the Jedi Knights, making many new friends as well. Soon, Vici was nearing the end of her education, and there were only a few tests left before Vici graduated. After constructing her lightsaber, Vici was told by Mistress Tannis that she was to travel across the countryside of Teya IV to what was known as the Cave of Truth where she was told she would face her most dangerous foe yet. The Cave of Truth was actually just another testing device designed by the Jedi that had tested new Knights for as long as the Praxeum existed. Told that she was to leave with nothing, even her newly constructed Jedi weapon, Vici set out through the forests and across the valleys for her first solo, but final test.

However, Vici was surprised when she sensed her brother nearby and even more surprised when he revealed himself, having followed her on her journey. Vici listened with impatience and annoyance as Veni explained he eavesdropped on Vici and Mistress Tannis' conversation, and he didn't want Vici to be alone in the wilderness. Vici eventually agreed that Veni could tag along, but she progressed with her trek without concern if Veni could keep up. Eventually, Vici and Veni made their way to the valley just before the Cave of Truth when they were confronted by an enormous dragon.

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