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Victor Jun

Victor Jun was a perfect example of the tragedy that could occur when a sensitivity to the Force was coupled with a defect of the mind. As a young boy, Victor Jun grew up with schizophrenia that managed to escape diagnosis. With access to the Force, Victor Jun was plagued by voices only he could hear. These voices eventually took on the persona of gods which Victor constantly aimed to please. These gods would dictate their wishes to Victor, which were rewarded with powerful abilities. When Victor disobeyed or disregarded the duties the gods bestowed upon him, he was punished by experiencing what he called the Black Pain, a state of extreme torment.

As a young man, the gods told Victor to leave his family and convert them to his cause. He could often be found screaming incoherently on street corners. Because of the madness that plagued him, Victor became nothing more than a street urchin appearing dirty and unkempt. He carried a staff and muttered to himself as he roamed the streets conversing with his gods. It was not unheard of for the gods request that Victor kill on their behalf, requests which Victor dutifully obeyed. Such instances pushed Victor further and further into the Dark Side's grasp.

Never amounting to more than a common nutcase, Victor Jun lived out his life looking for others to join his cause. Oftentimes, he would use his Force abilities to skew others' perceptions and insert suggestions into their minds to make them believe in his gods. Whenever he found those who disrespected his gods, he responded in anger, often killing what he believed to be infidels. A tragic figure, Victor Jun was destined to eek out an existence trapped within his broken mind.