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Vo'ren Faalo

Jedi Master Vo'ren Faalo was a Jedi Master during the time of the Old Republic and actually developed his own lightsaber training program. Vo'ren focused the idea of practicing in stages, which he called 'cadences.' Starting with basic skills for newer Jedi to get familiar with, Vo'ren increased the difficulty of the cadences, eventually to a degree that could be accomplished only by a Jedi Master.

Vo'ren eventually compiled his lightsaber practicing techniques into a book he titled, Book of Practical Lightsaber Technique. Many Jedi Masters preferred Vo'ren's training techniques and adopted them into their instruction of their own apprentices. As Emperor Palpatine rose to power and carried out the Jedi Purge, all books written by Jedi or about Jedi were banned and destroyed. Vo'ren Faalo's book of lightsaber practice was one such book, and although many were destroyed, a few copies survived the censorship.