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Voolvif Monn

Voolvif Monn was a Jedi Master that fought in the Clone Wars during the twilight years of the Old Republic. Belonging to the race of Shistavanen Wolfmen, Monn entered began life as an orphaned infant on a grim, barren world near the Arah asteroid belt. Life could have been very miserable for Monn had Jedi Master Paouoish Rahhdool not discovered the Force-sensitive infant and taken him to Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi. Part of being a Jedi meant that relationships and attachments were forbidden. Voolvif Monn took this decree to heart, some might say to the extreme. As he grew, Voolvif developed into a fairly reserved Jedi detached from his peers. From this, Monn developed an enigmatic reputation and many Jedi found it difficult to approach him.

However, despite the distance he maintained, Voolvif Monn was a very talented Jedi. As a Shistavanen, Monn already possessed a keen sense of smell. Coupled with his Jedi skills, Monn became one of the best trackers in the Jedi Order. Additionally, Voolvif was particularly skillful at using Force energy for defense in battle. Voolvif Monn joined Jedi Master Mace Windu and two hundred other Jedi Knights when they traveled to Geonosis in an attempt to end the Separatist threat before the situation deteriorated into war. Unfortunately, war was what the Separatists wanted and the Battle of Geonosis would mark the beginning of the Clone Wars.

At Geonosis, Voolvif Monn fought bravely and was one of only a handful of Jedi Knights to emerge from the ambush alive. For his actions at Geonosis, Monn was granted the rank of Jedi Master and soon took a commanding position in the Grand Army of Republic. At the Battle of Muunilinst, Jedi Master Monn fought alongside general Obi-Wan Kenobi and personally led clonetroopers into battle. Later in the war, he fought alongside Jedi Master Agen Kolar and the legendary Twi'lek Jedi, Aayla Secura in the Outer Rim Sieges.

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