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Ylenic It'kla

Ylenic It'kla was a Jedi Knight during the time of the rise of Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire. As well as a Jedi Knight, Ylenic was a member of one of the most peaceful and well-respected species in the galaxy, the Caamasi, and Ylenic bore the typical golden-fur and purple facial stripes common to all Caamasi. While the Caamasi race abhorred violence, Ylenic knew that sometimes the only thing violent beings understood was violence. With this is mind, Ylenic took up his lightsaber a number of times in defense of peace and justice in the galaxy.

On one such occasion, Ylenic joined with Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon and another Jedi nicknamed 'Desertwind' to stop Nikkos Tyris, an Anzati Dark Jedi who stumbled upon a collection of Sith teachings during the Clone Wars. Tyris eventually joined a group of Dark Side users called the Jensaarai, and soon became their leader, the Saarai-karr Ylenic, Nejaa, and the other Jedi Knight were dispatched to deal with the Sith threat. The Jedi trio traveled across the galaxy to find the Daksiders.

While the Jedi hoped for a peacful resolution, the Jensaarai were a dangerous group, and although The Jedi eventually were able to defeat Tyris, it was not before Nejaa Halcyon lost his life to the Dark Jedi. After the threat had been dealt with, Ylenic flew to Corellia to deliver the news as well as Nejaa's personal belongings to his wife Scerra. When the Empire gripped the galaxy and the Emperor began hunting down the Jedi Knights, Ylenic was fortunate enough to escape Palpatine's headhunters, at least long enough for a rebellion to be formed against the Emperor and his Empire. Ylenic was involved in the rebellion from its inception all the way back to when it was just a group of independently functioning cells.

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